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From Sensibility to Sense

Yes, I am working on a Pride and Prejudice novel at the moment (see two previous posts and my progress report at the end of this one), but I like to periodically turn ideas over in my mind for future … Continue reading

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View, ReView, & InterView

Maybe it’s because it was snowing this morning. But, when I thought about what “View” I might choose for this post (to go along with my cleverly themed title), my thoughts drifted to a warmer climate. This is a photo my husband … Continue reading

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Miss Dashwood Gets Down and Dirty

In Sense and Sensibility, Lucy Steele becomes the bane of Elinor Dashwood’s existence, the burr under her saddle, the mosquito whining in her ear. It is not simply that she has a prior claim to Edward Ferrars, which is bad … Continue reading

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