Work in Progress

I always have at least one writing project in progress, so keep an eye on this page to see what’s coming next!

I have finished the first draft of my Northanger Abbey sequel (see below), which I hope to have published by summer, 2020. Meanwhile, inspirations for a few more books are percolating on the back burner. I’m feeling the pull to do another P&P book next, perhaps something from Darcy’s point of view this time. What do you think? So many ideas; so little time to write them all!

Murder at Northanger Abbey

northanger-abbey-2007-andrew-daviesAlthough Northanger Abbey wasn’t published until after Jane Austen’s death, she actually wrote it first, in her early twenties. Knowing this helps us to appreciate the novel’s unique place in the Austen canon and its teen aged, somewhat naive heroine. Austen conceived the story when she was quite young herself, before she had experienced much of the world. Thus, it brims with youthful humor, campy fun, and early examples of Austen’s patented ironic wit.

Catherine and Henry Tilney are married now, and her eyes have been opened to the happy secrets of married life. But Catherine is still much the same person, and she hasn’t quite overcome her fascination with all things Gothic. When she first entered Northanger Abbey, she only imagined dreadful things had taken place there. Upon her second visit, however, the horror is all too real. There’s been a murder, and Henry has fallen under suspicion. Although Catherine is determination to solve the mystery and clear her husband’s name, she’s also afraid for her own safety, since there’s a very good chance the real murderer is still in the house.

In this sequel, I’m doing my best to retain the youthful, campy fun of the original novel whilst adding a true murder mystery for Catherine to unravel.

(Read excerpts here and here and here.)