Double Feature

If you are of a certain age, you remember (like I do) going to the movie theatre or drive-in and seeing a “double feature.” You paid your money and you got to enjoy two movies! Those days are long gone, I’m afraid. But that term came to mind – and the nostalgic feelings that go with it – when I planned this post, because today I have for you not one but two attractions to offer. As it turned out, I’m featured today in both a guest blog at Indie Jane and also another P&P200 post at Austen Authors. So take your pick below or, preferably, read them both. It’s a rare opportunity to once again go to a “double feature.”

PS – A reminder: Today is the last day to enter for a free book here in the month-long celebration “Happy Birthday to The Darcys of Pemberley.”

Austen Authors P&P200 post: Lydia’s Letter. In chapter 51 of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen gives the account of Lydia’s return to her family at Longbourn after her belated wedding to Wickham. Austen shows us how all the awkwardness and embarrassment of the situation is felt, not by the two who should be ashamed, but by the others. Lydia is blissfully oblivious, and blindly infatuated with her new husband. I thought it might be fun to glimpse this moment in time through her eyes as she tells the story to her friend, Mrs. Forster, in a letter. Read it here.

Indie Jane post: Name that Jane Austen Quote! How much of a Jane Austen aficionado are you? See how many of these 20 JA quotes (some of the over 40 I tucked away inside the text of For Myself Alone) that you can identify. Play the game here

He saw you then at Lyme, and liked you so well as to be exceedingly pleased to meet with you again in Camden Place, as Miss Anne Elliot, and from that moment, I have no doubt, had a double motive in his visits there. (Persuasion, chapter 21)

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