Gossip Game

I’m continuing my blog tour to promote my new novel, For Myself Alone, with a stop off to visit my friend Meredith Esparza! Start reading this post about gossip (an important element of the book) here, and then take a short trip to Austenesque Reviews for the rest. Enter to win a copy of FMA while you’re there!


Where did “inquiring minds” find entertainment before People magazine and tabloid TV? Mr. Bennet gives us the answer: “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?” (Pride and Prejudice, chapter 57) He calls the rumors and innuendo contained in Mr. Collins’s letter admirable, amusing, and delightfully absurd, declaring, “I would not give up Mr. Collins’s correspondence for any consideration. Nay, when I read a letter of his, I cannot help giving him the preference even over Wickham, much as I value the impudence and hypocrisy of my son-in-law.”  

And speaking of Wickham… (continue here)

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