Books Abroad

Today, I mailed out signed copies of The Darcys of Pemberley to the winners of the book give-aways associated with three different guest blogs spots I’ve done recently. The books are now winging their way – no, scratch that (I was too cheap to pay priority air rates) – trucking their way to their new homes in Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. Except for California, I’ve never visited any of these places. I know I’ve also sold Kindle copies in Europe, and who knows where else?

“So much novelty and beauty! I have travelled so little, that every fresh place would be interesting to me… Altogether my impressions of the place are very agreeable.”   (Persuasion, chapter 20)

 Some people have the goal of visiting all the continents on the globe or every state in the US.  I would love to do more traveling, but maybe it’s more realistic to set these goals for my books. So, I’m starting a list. If you own a copy of The Darcys of Pemberley in any form, please leave a comment telling me where you and your book reside. Come on, don’t be shy. Stand up for your state/country! Let’s see how many different places we can get represented.

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author of historical fiction in the tradition of Jane Austen
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7 Responses to Books Abroad

  1. You know there are at least 2 copies in NJ

  2. Vicki Tolliver says:

    Graham, Wa. Yayyyy!!!!

  3. It’s been fun to hear from readers – those that reported here and others through e-mail, Twitter, and FB. I can’t check off all 50 states and every continent yet, but hopefully soon!

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