A ‘Puzzling’ Cover Reveal

See the source imageIn just a few weeks, my eighth novel will be published! I can hardly believe it. When I sat down a dozen years ago to make a first attempt at writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, little did I imagine what would follow! I’ve learned and experienced so much in that time – things I never expected – and it’s been a fabulous ride so far. I’m not finished yet, either. I have ideas for at least five more books.

For now, though, the task at hand is getting The Ladies of Rosings Park launched. (Have you been reading the preview chapters at Austen Variations, btw?)

Once a story is finished, I get a little impatient with the post-production phase (editing, formatting, cover design, etc.), which seems to take so long. But we’re getting close enough now that it’s time to reveal the cover – always an exciting moment for me!

Instead of the standard “Ta-da! Here it is.” I thought I’d do something different this time, something including audience participation.

To her own heart it was a delightful affair, to her imagination it was even a ridiculous one, but to her reason, her judgment, it was completely a puzzle. (Sense and Sensibility, chapter 49)

Confession: I’ve recently become completely hooked on doing on-line jigsaw puzzles. Do you know the ones I mean? The advantage over regular jigsaw puzzles, which I’ve always loved, is that there are an endless supply of new puzzles to do, and all the pieces are turned right side up for you! Oh, and it doesn’t take over your dining room table for weeks at a time either.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s your chance, because I’ve made my cover reveal photo into a jigsaw puzzle for you! Just follow this link. Change the number of pieces if you want, click ‘OK,’ close out the ads at the bottom, and start sliding the pieces into place to assemble the picture. I hope you enjoy the game! (Sorry, this probably won’t work on your tiny phone screens.)

When the picture is complete, you’ll probably notice that this new cover resembles the cover of Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley quite a bit. That’s intentional, since this book is comparable to that one in many ways. Both take silent minor characters (neither Georgiana nor Anne de Bourgh has a single line of dialogue in Pride and Prejudice) and give them full stories, stories that agree with The Darcys of Pemberley and expand on it laterally. Besides, I’ve always thought Goergiana’s cover was particularly nice.

Now off you go! Have fun, and come back here when you’re done to tell me what you think.



About Shannon Winslow

author of historical fiction in the tradition of Jane Austen
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35 Responses to A ‘Puzzling’ Cover Reveal

  1. deborahanne2 says:

    Very nicely done. I love how your painting that is being used for the cover is framed. The lettering is perfect, just fancy enough but not so much so that it is difficult to read; it is very pleasing.

  2. Your cover-reveal puzzle was a fun way to start my morning (with my first cup of coffee). I love the cover; but then, I love all your covers because they portray P&P locations exactly as I imagine them. Thanks for a fun reveal.

  3. Leslie says:

    Doing puzzles on my iPad is just as addicting as reading Jane Austen Fan Fiction.

    • Uh-oh! Probably a good thing I don’t have one of those, then. I’d be tempted to take it everywhere. As it is, I can only play when I’m home, sitting at my computer. Of course, I’ve got Sudoku on my phone, which is just as bad!

  4. Nora says:

    Love the cover! The puzzle was fun!

  5. Anji says:

    Well, that was certainly a unique cover reveal, Shannon! It took me 9 minutes 19 seconds to complete the puzzle, mainly because the touchscreen on my rather elderly iPad is getting a bit….cranky, shall we say, when it comes to sliding things around. I think the whole cover is fantastic and fits perfectly with the style that you’ve chosen for all of your P&P works.

    Would I be correct in suggesting that Rosings Park on the cover bears more than a passing resemblance to Belton House in Lincolnshre (Rosings in P&P 1995)?

  6. Glynis says:

    I absolutely love jigsaws so thank you so much for that, and I also love the cover. The background colour and the script are perfect for the framed picture.
    The advent calendar on Austen Variations had a link one day to online puzzles and I forgot to make a note of it although I did several at the time.
    Thanks again for this.

    • So glad you like the cover, and that you enjoyed the puzzle too. Yes, I have Abigail Reynolds to thank (?) for this idea an my current addiction. It was her advent calendar post that got me started doing online jigsaws!

  7. janashe says:

    you are so creative! Giving us a puzzle to show the new cover – loved the applause when I finished .. lol – and presenting another endearing cover that goes beautifully with all your others. I love the gentle, understated elegance of your paintings.

  8. Joan Person Duff says:

    Love the puzzle!! 🙂 Enjoyed the vertical challenge and was thrilled over the ‘celebration’ over my success!!! Thank you…a memorable finale to your book’s debut. 😀

  9. Christina Boyd says:

    I did it! Gorgeous!!

  10. caroleincanada says:

    Love the painting and putting it together for the reveal! That was fun. It fits perfectly with all the others! Can’t wait for the release!

  11. Pam Hunter says:

    I enjoyed that! Lovely cover!

  12. Andrea says:

    Brilliant way to share the new cover! Highly enjoyed it, nearly clapped along myself at the end having been so delighted! Day late doing this, but now I can say Happy Birthday with happy punctuality, as well as, congratulations on a capital cover! : )

    • I’m ridiculously pleased each time I receive that ‘spontaneous’ ovation upon solving a puzzle – part of what keeps me doing them, I suppose. So glad you liked the game and the cover, Andrea! And thank you for the birthday greetings. 🙂

  13. Kristin Jennings says:

    Thanks for a fun way to take a break during my weekend long study session. Your cover is great!

  14. evamedmonds says:

    Wow!! That was fun. Thank you.

  15. Carol says:

    So love your puzzle. That was so much fun! Beautiful cover, love it also. Cannot wait to read the book. Looking forward to getting it.

  16. Cozynookbks says:

    Beautiful cover! I loved the online jigsaw puzzle. What a creative idea. (The clapping when I’d finished it startled me. 😂). Congratulations on your eighth book. 👏🏽

    I’m going to look into more online puzzles. I have a jigsaw puzzle that’s partially done that I began working on in our family room, that’s now moved to my downstairs office, and it’s still not finished. The online ones might suit me better. 😉

    • Thanks for playing along, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, online puzzles do solve the taking-up-space problem. And you can silence the applause by immediately clicking on the puzzle again. That way you wont be startled… and your husband won’t know that you’re really goofing off instead of “working.” Oops, there I go projecting my own situation on you! Haha!

      • Cozynookbks says:

        Actually, I thought the clapping was cute.
        Are you a fly on the wall at my house? 😂 Actually, my husband KNOWS I’m goofing off when I’m on my iPad in the early morning hours in bed. But he’s so wonderful, he doesn’t care. 💕
        I wish you great success with your new book. 😊

  17. That was fun. I have done a few before. My roommate during part of my 30 day hospitalization for open heart surgery/aortic valve replacement did those puzzles constantly while we roomed together. Good luck with the new publication. I have been saving the chapters to read together as I have just too many which are posting chapters and I forget what is happening in them and then I get frustrated. I will have to read yours soon…hopefully it has an ending?

    • Glad you came through your surgery okay, Sheila! That sounds like quite a scary ordeal. And that you enjoyed this cover reveal game. I know the weekly chapters can be a frustrating way to read a book, but the whole thing will be out about the 19th, hopefully. Then, no more waiting! You can read it straight through from beginning to happy ending if you want.

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