Double-the-Fun Cover Reveal

What could be more fun and exciting to book lovers (and authors) than a brand new cover revealed? Two brand new covers revealed, of course! That’s what I have for you today: the full covers of the two new books I’m releasing at the end of the month. Yippee!

Leap of Faith and Leap of Hope are the first two novels of my new series called the Crossroads Collection – something I’ve been thinking about and working on for a long time. These are stories about turning points, possibilities, and out-of-this-world second chances. Each book will be complete in itself but connected to the others by theme and the Crossroads Center characters. I hope you’re able to read the book blurbs on the back covers. If not, pop on over to the Crossroads Collection page to learn more.

You’ll notice that only one of these two is actually a Jane Austen Fan Fiction piece (Leap of Hope), but I want to challenge you hard-core JAFF readers to expand your horizons a little and give Leap of Faith a chance too. (I’m hoping the hunky guy on the cover will convince you!)

So, without further ado, here they are! Be sure to tell me what you think.

About Shannon Winslow

author of historical fiction in the tradition of Jane Austen
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2 Responses to Double-the-Fun Cover Reveal

  1. Lora says:

    I can’t wait until these are released!! I recently read The Darcys of Pemberley, loved it, and immediately bought all of your other books. I will definitely be buying Leap of Faith and Leap of Hope too 🙂

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence, Lora! I trust you won’t be disappointed. No need to wait for the new books either. The paperbacks are live already at Amazon, and the Kindle copies will be available any minute! now. 😀

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