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20150129_083938I just reread my previous post, where I talked about wanting the impossibles of life. Well, January has delivered, at least in a few small ways. For one thing, I have a giant bird-of-paradise plant, which I grew from a single seed, blooming in my living room – not for the first time (see this post), but it seems like a minor miracle seattle seahawkseach time it happens. As for a full-fledged miracle, I will refer you to the Seattle Seahawks’ (my home team) win in the NFC championship game. Late in the 4th quarter, when the situation looked impossibly bleak, I literally said, “It will take a miracle for us to win this game.” And then we got 3 or 4 of them. It was truly amazing!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Jane Austen quotes on either of these topics. LOL!

AR awardMy other cause for celebration this month relates to my newest novel, The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen, which made a couple of very prestigious “Best-of-2014” lists! At Austenprose, it was named in the “Best Austenesque Historical Novels” category. Then, at Austenesque Reviews, it won “Favorite Biographical Fiction Novel”. TPMJA was also awarded runner up to the “Top Ten” list at Reflections of a Book Addict. Take a look at these lists – not just to see my name in print, but for recommendations of what you should be adding to your to-be-read list. These reviewers have done all the legwork for you.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00034]So, in celebration of having my book named among the best of 2014, I decided to have a little sale! – 40% off the regular price of The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen in ebook format. For a limited time, it’s only $2.99 in Kindle and Nook. So if you haven’t gotten around to buying your copy yet, your procrastination will now be rewarded. Even if you hadn’t decided this book was for you, what have you got to lose at that price? I truly believe this is my best work to date (and the reviews tend to support that), but the most rewarding part is always sharing it with others. I’ve just made that more affordable. Happy reading!

I found today’s quote in Northanger Abbey, chapter 3. When Henry Tilney speaks of journaling here, I think a modern-day rendition might substitute blogging instead. What do you think?

“My dear madam, I am not so ignorant of young ladies ways as you wish to believe me; it is this delightful habit of journaling which largely contributes to form the easy style of writing for which ladies are so celebrated. Everybody allows that the talent of writing agreeable letters is peculiarly female. Nature may have done something, but I am sure it must be essentially assisted by the practice of keeping a journal.”

Update: I was brought back down to earth a little on February 1st when, sadly, my beloved Seattle Seahawks fell one yard short of winning the Superbowl. But it was, nevertheless another fabulous season! Also, although the sale is now officially over, at last check Amazon was holding the price at $2.99, so you may still be able to take advantage of it. 🙂

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7 Responses to Celebration Sale

  1. Sheila L. M. says:

    Having read all your books I will pass on the sale but just wanted to urge others to buy/read them – As Tony the Tiger says, “They’re Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!”

  2. Kathleen Fillmore says:

    Congratulations, Shannon………anything of Jane Austen is definitely “Greaaaaaaaaaaate”!

  3. Congrats Shannon!!! Miss Austen would be pleased.

    Since I do own all your fantastic books, how goes the new WIP? You know I am waiting on pins and needles for it! 🙂

  4. Emma Dabney says:

    Congratulations and much more success to come I am sure. Many thanks for putting your new book on sale also. I enjoy your writings so very much. Keep up the great work and have a good week.

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