A Pleasure Shared

fanfareFanfare please! I have an exciting announcement: The Darcys of Pemberley and Mr. Collins’s Last Supper are now available in AUDIO!  (Return to Longbourn will be coming next month.) If you have an account at Audible.com, or decide to open one, I hope you’ll do me the honor of making one of my books your first/next purchase. At the very least, listen to the samples (follow links above). My wonderful narrators – Marian Hussey (TDOP) and Chandler Craig (Mr.C) – do a mean Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Collins!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The process began a couple of months ago (see previous post Books Read Aloud), and now our work has born fruit: my first audio books! I say “our work” because it truly was a collaborative effort. Obviously, I was responsible for writing the books in the first place. Marian and Chandler used their expertise to translate the books into audio form. Then I had the thrill of being the first to listen to the recordings, offering corrections and suggesting improvements, which the narrators efficiently attended to before uploading the completed books. Oh, and the cover art had to be modified – accomplished by my favorite graphic artist Micah Hansen!
So, as you see, there were several people and lots of time/effort involved. I’m delighted with the finished products, and I hope the books will be enjoyed by audio readers for years to come! The creative process is never complete until the work is shared.
Fanny Price - Frances OShe became a subscriber… amazed at her own doings in every way, to be a renter, a chuser of books! And to be having any one’s improvement in view in her choice! But so it was. Susan had read nothing, and Fanny longed to give her a share in her own first pleasures, and inspire a taste for the biography and poetry which she delighted in herself.  (Mansfield Park, chapter 40)
That’s really what it’s all about for authors like me – finding ways to share the stories we love with other people. (See related post: Making Connections) And hearing back from satisfied readers absolutely makes my day! It keeps me going. Case in point, I recently got this letter from a woman who had received two of my books as a gift from a friend:
I must admit, I have not taken the time for quite a while to sit down to a good read. When I received the gift, I was intrigued to the point of beginning “The Darcys of Pemberley” immediately. “Pride and Prejudice” has long been a tremendous favorite of mine, and I was anxious to see what a contemporary author could do with a sequel to the novel. I WAS NOT  disappointed!
You did an exceptional job of captivating my attention so well I just could not put that book down! Each time I sat to read I’d tell myself I could only afford one chapter before getting to items I needed to complete about my house. Unfortunately for me, I usually read two or three chapters before I forced myself to abandon the book for more pressing business.
Thank you for a job well done indeed. I loved every moment I spent reading and have completed the first book. Now on to the second! I can’t wait to begin “Return to Longbourn” to see what else Lydia can find to embarrass herself, or what Kitty can find to bring attention to her inexperience and selfishness. This was a wonderful treat for me and I wanted to share with you my pleasure in enjoying the books. Thank you so very much! 
Wentworth's letter_SodabugI share this letter with you not to toot my own horn. I really mean to brag on this delightful lady and what a grand thing she did for me by taking a few minutes out of her day to send me this thoughtful note. I’m going to pin it to my wall to inspire me to similar acts of kindness. Regardless what line of work we’re in, once in a while we all need the encouragement of hearing, “Thank you for a job well done!” Don’t you agree?
Have you been on the giving or the receiving end of a special word of encouragement recently? Please share your story/comment. 

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4 Responses to A Pleasure Shared

  1. Regina Silvia says:

    my words of encouragement come from my students and sometimes their parents. You are so right; sometimes this is all we need to keep on doing what we do. But while I’m here let me tell you how much I enjoy your work and look for every opportunity to read it!

  2. june7 says:

    Chandler Craig is WONDERFUL as Mr Collins! Marian Hussey is a perfect Mrs Bennet. You are lucky to have such great narrators for your stories

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