Gut 2Opening day of baseball season is just around the corner, and I can hardly wait. The Seattle Mariners are my team, and like most fans, I live in perpetual hope that, at long last, this might be our year!  For a real baseball enthusiast, the only thing better than one game is two : a double-header.

That’s my not-so-subtle segue for introducing my own double-header, because today I’ve got not one, but two new posts for you. Up first is a guest appearance over at Austenesque Reviews – part of my book-launch blog tour. It’s titled “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Can you tell the difference between a genuine Jane Austen quote and one of my respectful imitations? Take the quiz. And while you’re there, register to win a free copy of Return to Longbourn!

It is no secret that I adore the work of Jane Austen. Her subtle stories of love triumphant and her witty, elegant prose suit my taste exactly. They have influenced my own writing more than anything else. With Jane Austen’s stories so deeply entrenched in my mind, I often find myself thinking of and alluding to various passages from her books as I write… (continue reading here)

For the second game of your double-header, see my new post at Austen Authors. This one also begins with a question: “Care to Take a Turn?”

Would you care to take a long ramble round the expansive park at Rosings? Or how about a little three-mile scamper across fields and over stiles to Netherfield? Or must I call you a carriage? We all know how Lizzie Bennet would answer these questions…

Continue reading here about how Jane Austen used activity level as a clue to character, why it was so shocking that Lizzy Bennet walked all the way to Netherfield, and my own philosophy on this questionable business of “taking outdoor exercise.”Seattle Mariners

Hope you enjoy your Jane Austen double-header! And just in case you think I’m way off base (pun intended) to pair Austen with America’s pass time, that there’s no common ground between the two, I offer in closing this quote from the first chapter of Northanger Abbey:  

It was not very wonderful that Catherine, who had by nature nothing heroic about her, should prefer cricket, BASEBALL, riding on horseback, and running about the country at the age of fourteen, to books – or at least books of information…

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2 Responses to Double-Header

  1. janashe says:

    woo-hoo Shannon! I’m with you – love baseball! Used to take my girls for Mother’s Day and my birthday and now they take me! Headed to Atlanta Braves vs Cubs in early April – 3rd base line, front row seats. The Braves stadium is great – a golf cart picks me up in the handicap lot and takes me to the gate where a wheelchair awaits to take me to my seat! How great is that? I could never go to a game otherwise so I am so very grateful they have such a service. And of course my daughter makes sure I get my share of peanuts and beer and a dog! woo-hoo!

    now, on to JA to see if I can spot your quotes …

    • Sounds great – going to the games with your daughters and the accomodations for your wheelchair needs. I have to admit I rarely go in person; watch most the games on TV. Front row seats, but I’m missing out on the atmosphere. Thanks for your comment!

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