Adoption Announcement

I’m adopted. I know you’re surprised to learn this… and my parents will be too. The truth is that I’ve been taken in by a family of fellow authors, and I now have twenty new sisters and one new brother!

I’m delighted and honored to announce that I’ve been invited to join Austen Authors!

Austen Authors is a collective of published novelists in the Jane Austen sub-genre of literary fiction whose focus is on sharing our unique visions of Austen’s world through our blog posts and fun events, as well as promoting the awareness of our genre and blog to the broader reading audience.

My first turn to blog on the site will be May 14th, but please drop by for a quick visit now to check out my new digs. It’s worth it just to see my name in lights… Okay, so my name isn’t actually in lights, and perhaps you won’t be as thrilled as I am to find me in such prestigious company. But if you are a fan of Jane Austen fiction and blogs, this is a place you definitely should discover for yourself.

“Well, I have so little confidence in my own judgment, that whenever I marry, I hope some body will chuse my wife… Find some body for me. I am in no hurry. Adopt her, educate her.” “And make her like myself.” “By all means, if you can.”  (Frank Churchill & Emma, Emma, chapter 43)

About Shannon Winslow

author of historical fiction in the tradition of Jane Austen
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