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Here’s a word-search puzzle I designed a few years back for my original website. Not surprisingly, it’s made up of all Jane Austen related words, the clues (with the first letter) for which are below. And if you’re still stumped, you’ll find the answers in the comment section. (Print the page if you’d rather work on paper.)

Although I’d solved a lot of word searches before, I’d never created one myself. But I discovered it was fun to do, and not really that hard. I just began with the longest word on a grid, and then started packing all the others in around it in as tight a space as possible, finishing with a few shorties just to fill up space. Pick a subject and try it yourself.

Unable, of course, to repress your curiosity in so favourable a moment for indulging it, you will instantly arise, and throwing your dressing-gown around you, proceed to examine this mystery. (Northanger Abbey, chapter 20)

N      O      I      S      A      U      S      R      E      P      F      T      H      D

P      R       I      D      E      N      E      T      S      U      A      Z      A      L

R      E      G      Y      A      N     N      E      R      O      N      I       L      E

E      D      M     E      M      E      S      I       R      Y      C      U      L       I

J      W      F      B      M      C      I      E       Z      C      E      I       L       F

U      A      K      B      E       I      B       P      A      R      Z      K       I      R

D      R      N      A      V      R      I       K      N      A      R      F      H      E

I       D      M      E      A      P      L      N      B      D       J      A      C      H

C      M      A      N      S      F       I      E       L      D      P      N      R      T

E       J       D      N      A      L      T      G      Y      V      A      N      U      E

P      O       C      A      T      H      Y       I      M      A      R      Y      H      N

N      O      R      T      H      A      N      G       E      R      K      U      C      H


  1. Author Jane A_____
  2. Her six novels: E____,  P_________,  S____& S__________,  P____ & P________,  M________ P___,  N_________ A____
  3. The two eldest Miss Bennets,  J___ and  E________
  4. Home of Mr. Bingley, N__________
  5. Master of Delaford, Colonel B______
  6. The finest estate in Derbyshire,  P________
  7. Heroine of MansfieldPark,  F____  P____
  8. The eldest Miss Dashwood,  E______
  9. S__ Walter Elliot
  10. Miss C____  Morland (inform.)
  11. Mr. Weston’s son,  F____  C________
  12. Elizabeth Elliot’s two sisters,  A___  and  M___
  13. Captain Wentworth’s branch of military service, the Royal N___
  14. Mr.  E______  Ferrars
  15. The mischievous Miss L___  Steele
  16. The Dashwood Estate in Sussex, NorL____
  17. A modest equipage, a g__
  18. The Elliot estate, Kellynch  H___
  19. Scene of Louisa Musgrove’s accident, the seaside town of L____
  20. The handsome proprietor of Pemberley, Mr. Fitzwilliam D____

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author of historical fiction in the tradition of Jane Austen
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5 Responses to Word Search

  1. Answers: 1)Austen 2)Emma, Persuasion, Sense, Sensibility, Pride, Prejudice, Mansfield, Park, Northanger, Abbey 3)Jane, Elizabeth 4)Netherfield 5)Brandon 6)Pemberley 7)Fanny, Price 8)Elinor 9)Sir 10)Cathy 11)Frank, Churchill 12)Anne, Mary 13)Navy 14)Edward 15)Lucy 16)land 17)gig 18)Hall 19)Lyme 20)Darcy How did you do?

  2. suzan says:

    love it. what fun!

  3. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know number 17 and drew a complete blank when it came to number 19. I felt foolish when I looked it up.

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